air purifiers
Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are improve your air quality more than a mere air filter can. Allergies, asthma, and depressed immune systems are some of the reasons you may be considering purchasing an air purifier. Other reasons may include purifying your vehicle air for a long commute, or protecting your workers in a factory setting. There are many reasons today to purchase a quality air filter and ensure that the air you breathe is clean.

All the biozone air purifiers combine the science of ultraviolet germicidal light waves, purifying hydroxyls, activated oxygen, and photo-ionization. PureWave technology uses special ultraviolet lamps that produce photolic ozone as well as control its level precisely. You receive the purest, cleanest, safest air technologically possible. All purchases are made on secure servers with a satisfaction guarantee.

Choose the air purifier that is perfect for your needs. You just can't substitute cheap air filters for real air purification systems!

Air Purifiers
Pure Road vehicle air purifier
PureRoad car and pickup truck air purifier

Do you have a long commute in a vehicle on a daily basis? There are vehicle air filters available for reasonable prices which will increase the air quality, and thus your health. Get a vehicle air purifier and breathe easy. Click on the picture of this great car and truck air purifier to see pricing and models available.

Personal Portable Air Purifier
Personal Portable Air Purifier

You can take a personal air purifier with you in planes, trains, and buses, restaurants, movie theaters, waiting rooms, and conferences. All of which are prime settings for the transference of colds and flu. Click on the picture of the portable air purifier to see pricing and models available.

home air purifying unit
100B to 2000B Biozone Home Air Purifiers

Biozone Air purifiers are unlike any other air purifier available. They clean the air of biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold, destroy hazardous fumes, remove harmful particulates, and neutralizes all unpleasant odors. Your home will be healthier and thus happier with pure, clean air to breathe. These are the perfect solution to air purification in your home. Click on the picture to go directly to the home air purifier section of Biozone.

PowerZone Professional Air Purifiers
PowerZone Portable Professional Air Purifiers

Other commercial uses of air purifiers include cleaning and restoration work. Great for removal of odors from tobacco smoke, urine, body odors, foods, pets, mildew, diapers, sewage, formaldehyde, fire smoke or floods. They can be used to eliminate odors from fresh paint or carpet glue. These commercial air purifiers are often used to freshen hotel rooms, deodorize meeting rooms, convert smoking to non-smoking rooms, or of course, to deodorize cars, trucks, and vans. Click on the picture of the commercial air purifier for pricing and models available for big jobs and in duct air purifiers.

How To Choose the Right Air Filter for the Job

The Biozone air purifier units are organized to handle contaminants in a particular size space. The model 1000 is for spaces up to 1000 sq. ft, the model 2000 for up to 2000 sq. ft., etc. This assumes a “normal level“ of contaminants. If the level of contaminants is higher than normal caused by such things as smokers in the home, or having multi-pets, or an environment with strong mold content, or close to a lot of outdoor pollutants we would usually recommend a more powerful model – usually one size up. Otherwise, any of these units placed in the recommended sized space would reduce all contaminants and pollutants to a level advantageous to an asthma/allergy sufferer or anyone with a suppressed immune system.

Allergies and asthma are often triggered by similar allergens, especially molds, pollens, dust, dust mites and pets. A brief perusal of the medical literature via PubMed shows that air filters can aid in the relief of symptoms by cleaning the air of many known allergenic particles.

For instance one study in Manchester, UK, by Green, concluded "HEPA air cleaners reduce airborne Canf 1 in homes with dogs". (The effect of air filtration on airborne dog allergen. Allergy 1999 May;54(5):484-8) This can mean the world to a family who is very attached to their pet and also have an asthmatic family member. Cat allergies and dog allergies can be helped with air filtering.

Other studies look at fine particle pollution, dust, mold and pollen effects on allergies and asthma. They conclude that air purifiers can definitely benefit those suffering from allergic breathing patterns (See also Dr.'s Allergies, Allergy Season, and Asthma where also recommends air purifiers as part of a regimen for symptom relief).

After a bone marrow transplant, a patient's immune system is kept supressed for up to a year to allow the greatest chance of success for the transplant. During this whole time, although the white blood cell count does rise, the functioning of the immune system is compromised. Many bone marrow transplant specialists recommend purchasing a home air purifier for when the patient goes home to lower the risk of air born disease. A normal healthy immune system fights a lot of germs on a regular basis with no trouble. Those with compromised immune systems may want to lower the amount of exposure to such problems by filtering the air.

For more information on the actual technology used, other available filter models, and pricing, click on any of the above commercial product links or residential product links or the banner below:

Quality Air Filtering Devices for Home or Commercial Use

You deserve the edge on health that clean air can give you. You may find that non-professional air purifiers are cheaper, but beware. Air purification is not to be sneezed at: buy from specialists not the five and dime store.

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